#Alphabet earnings, #US-#UK trade talks, breastfeeding as class warfare

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Alphabet reports earnings. Google’s parent will likely take a hitfrom a $2.7 billion fine levied by EU antitrust regulators in June. The company is appealing the fine, but said it would report it in its second-quarter earnings. Alphabet may also break out revenue from YouTube for the first time.

The UK’s trade negotiator visits the US. Liam Fox begins discussions with his American counterparts amid warnings from British businesses that the government’s enthusiasm to produce an agreement may give American companies the upper hand.

Rodrigo Duterte delivers his State of the Nation address. Thetheme of the Philippine president’s speech in the second year of his presidency is “A Comfortable Life for All.” It comes just two days after Congress voted to extend martial law in the troubled southern province of Mindanao until the end of the year.

Ryanair announces first-quarter results. The Irish budget carrier may also provide updates on how Brexit is affecting its business. It warned earlier that it could reduce flights between the UK and the EU if aviation arrangements are not finalized by the end of the year.


The positive impact of ESG on bond performance. ESG investing encompasses everything from energy conservation to corporate management. Until recently, however, it was unclear if it had a positive impact on bond returns. A recent study by Barclays uncovers a positive link. Advertisement


Donald Trump may agree to a new round of sanctions on Russia. The president is open to signing legislation that would enforce tougher sanctions on Russia, a White House official said, after congressional Democrats and Republicans agreed on a bill targeting Russia, Iran, and North Korea. However, Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new communications director, said the president has not yet made a decision.

A robot may have found Fukushima’s nuclear debris for the first time. An underwater robot captured what could be the first images of melted nuclear-fuel deposits at the nuclear plant since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, according to operator Tepco. The find could help the clean-up process and the eventual decommissioning of the plant, which could take decades.

Israel will keep metal detectors at the al-Aqsa mosque…Tensions are still running high between Israelis and Palestinians at the holy Jerusalem site, where two Israeli police officers were shot on July 14, leading to violent clashes. Some Israeli security officials have warned that the installation of devices like detectors and security cameras could cause violence to further spiral.

… And two died at a shooting at Israel’s embassy in Jordan.The shooting took place in the capital Amman, leaving two Jordanians dead and one Israeli wounded. The incident comes after thousands protested in the city on Friday against Israel.


Corinne Purtill and Dan Kopf on the class dynamics of breastfeeding in the US. “‘Breast is best’ has not always been the mantra of the upper classes in the US. While the cultural definition of the ‘best’ food for babies has fluctuated over the last century between infant formula and breast milk, one thing has remained constant: the most socially desirable form of infant nutrition has been whichever is harder for poor parents to access.” Read more here.


Police body cameras are a failure. The problem of police brutality in the US requires more than video footage.

Playing ball with Chinese censors hasn’t helped LinkedIn. The company is one of a handful of Silicon Valley tech giants that arefinding it harder and harder (paywall) to succeed in China.

The future of military robotics looks like Planet Earth II. Humans do not yet know how to replicate all the capabilities of animals like pigeons and cheetahs, but roboticists are trying.


Mongolians can keep a secret. Genghis Khan’s tomb will never be found because he wanted it to stay hidden—and Mongolians want to respect that.

Japan’s government has to force people to work from home.Authorities have declared July 24 “Telework Day” to make people more flexible about where and when they work, and as preparation for the 2020 Olympics, when trains are expected to be exceptionally packed.

Pirates watched the new Game of Thrones episode 90 million times. That’s nearly six times as many as the official view count.

There’s a new garbage patch in the South Pacific. By one estimate, the debris covers an area some one-and-a-half-times the size of Texas.

Vaccines could soon be delivered without needles. Star Trekfeatured a needle-free device, a jet injector called a “hypospray.”

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