#France’s presidential debate, #Facebook’s solid results, 1,000-pack beer

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US lawmakers vote on whether to abolish Obamacare. It’s unclear whether Republican leaders have garnered enough support in the House of Representatives to pass the American Health Care Act, but calling for a vote suggests they’re at least closer than before. Donald Trump has lobbied undecided lawmakers hard this week to give their support.

Donald Trump’s face-to-face meeting with Malcolm Turnbull.The Australian prime minister was the target of Trump’s ire during a phone call shortly after the US president’s inauguration. The two will meet in New York to play nice and reaffirm the alliance between the two nations as China—now Australia’s top trading partner—looms ever larger.

Southeast Asian leaders meet with Rex Tillerson. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations will meet the US secretary of state in Washington, DC to discuss the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, along with China’s ambitions in the South China Sea.

HSBC reports quarterly earnings. Experts believe trading revenues will show continued improvement despite the uncertainty of Brexit.


Facebook exceeded expectations yet again. The tech giant’s quarterly results included 1.94 billion monthly active users, with revenue and profit higher than analysts projected. Earlier in the day, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the hiring of 3,000 workers to screen out objectionable content after a series of horrific videos were posted to Facebook.

Tesla’s loss widened as sales more than doubled. The automaker said it’s on track to produce 5,000 of its mid-priced Model 3 sedans per week later this year, as it posted a loss of nearly $400 million in the first quarter. Sales rose 123% to $2.3 billion. The company warned that people think the Model 3 will be far more luxurious than it really is.

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron faced off in a televised debate. The two candidates tackled the EU, national security, and economics in a final showdown before the French presidential runoff election. Macron slammed Le Pen’s reactionary policies while the far-right candidate frequently interrupted him and called him arrogant.

The US Federal Reserve held steady. As expected, the Fed kept its benchmark target at 0.75% to 1%, indicating that future hikes will occur gradually. Officials noted that US economic activity has slowed and “household spending rose only modestly” in the last month.


Josh Horwitz on Tencent’s secret advantage in artificial-intelligence research. “A core component of artificial-intelligence research lies in teaching machines how to communicate with humans. Tencent’s WeChat is the perfect conduit for this type of research. A chat app with 889 million users, WeChat is collecting countless messages every day from people talking to one another.” Read more here.


Watching for murders / online. That’s one job better / given to robots.


A woman’s higher status can hurt her marriage. But the odds of satisfaction are better if her spouse helps around the house.

Index funds are finally getting the respect they deserve. Human nature and hostility from Wall Street contributed to the delay.

The French election is nothing like Brexit or Trump. Marine Le Pen is much further behind in the polls.


Join top venture capitalists, a former US treasury secretary, and fintech unicorns like Credit Karma, Palantir, and Robinhood for CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference on June 26-28 in New York. They’ll discuss all things fintech including insurtech, wealth management, alternative lending, and product design. Use the promo code FoFQuartz to save $1,500 off your ticket.


Autocratic leaders love building skyscrapers. Especially when they make no economic sense.

Private-equity billionaires blame PR for their bad image.Attendees at an industry conference said their contributions to society are misunderstood.

A Finnish brewery is offering a 1,000-pack of beer. And customers are actually buying it, says the company.

Track-and-field authorities want to erase dozens of world records. They argue that a clean slate is needed due to insufficient anti-doping standards.

Some Canadian martinis were extra strong this month. Bombay Sapphire is issuing a recall for gin that was nearly twice as potent as advertised.

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