#Trump’s new travel order, #Opel’s next owner, hooliganism as a sport

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Donald Trump tries again. The White House’s new executive order—which replaces the chaotic “Muslim ban” issued in January—could be signed today. It may ban visitors from six Muslim-majority countries, but could include a few days’ notice before it starts.

PSA Group’s announcement with General Motors. The French carmaker is expected to share its plan to buy Opel from GM, which has been losing money in Europe for 16 years. With the purchase, PSA would move into second place in Europe in terms of market share, still behind Volkswagen but overtaking Renault.

Malaysia expels North Korea’s envoy. Authorities declared ambassador Kang Chol “persona non grata” and gave him until 6pm to leave the country. Malaysia is investigating the murder of leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Feb. 13. Kang strongly criticized the investigation.


Trump claimed Obama wiretapped him. The US president made the allegations in a string of early morning tweets, without any evidence, and his predecessor denied it. Now the White House iscalling for a congressional investigation into the conspiracy, which Trump likely read about in the far-right news site Breitbart.

China set lower GDP targets. Chinese Communist Party premier Li Keqiang said the economy will grow “around 6.5%” this year, thanks to a “more complicated and grimmer” global economic outlook. That’s down from 6.7% in 2016, and the lowest rate in more than 25 years.

Deutsche Bank planned a revamp. The German bank will raise $8.5 billion in capital, list its asset management business, and sell some investment banking assets, the board decided on Sunday. The troubled finance giant has suffered huge losses and fines in recent years.

The US suspended fast-track H-1B visas. Companies won’t be able to pay extra to expedite H-1B visa applications that bring skilled overseas workers into the country. Tech, consulting, and outsourcing companies are likely to be most affected. The suspension starts on April 3 and could last up to six months.

France’s Fillon refused to quit. After thousands rallied in his defense in Paris, French conservative politician Francois Fillon said he won’t leave the tight presidential race. He faces declining popularity and a criminal investigation into whether he paid family members for work they did not do.


Ana Campoy on the Trump surprise in US immigration reform:“A first glance, he’s an extremely unlikely candidate for the task of reaching a compromise on this issue. But he obviously knows how to talk to the people most against immigration reform, namely conservative Americans scared that foreigners are changing their country for the worse. And the trust he gained with these voters proved fairly unshakable, over the course of a long race filled with scandal and controversy.” Read more here.


Apple has given up on its computers. A string of underwhelming hardware and software updates shows it cares only about its cash cow, the iPhone.

Baring your breasts is feminist. Emma Watson says criticism over her Vogue magazine cover reveals misconceptions about feminism.

US colleges are breeding intolerance. A protest that turned violent at Middlebury College shows students can’t cope with different opinions (paywall).


Football hooliganism could become its own sport. It’d be a way to turn fan aggression “in a peaceful direction,” argues a Russian lawmaker.

Plans for a nuclear submarine showed up in a charity shop.Detailed schematics for the HMS Trafalgar were discovered in the lining of a suitcase donated to a thrift shop in Wales, the store’s manager told the BBC.

Trump has been bad for gun manufacturers. Sales have fallen dramatically because customers are less worried that new laws will make purchases harder.

A 3D-printing robot can build new homes in a day. Apis Cor, a 3D-printing company, can lay down the concrete for a small house in less than 24 hours.

China now has a People’s Choice Award for judges. The public can vote for their top 10 favorites from dozens of nominees.

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