#Abe-#Trump meeting, Australian blackouts, quinoa genetics

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Shinzo Abe visits Donald Trump. Ahead of his trip the Japanese prime minister asked business leaders to come up with a tweet-friendly figure of planned investment in the US. Since taking office, Trump has continued to rail against what he sees as Japan’s unfair trade practices. Last year, Japan sold $68.9 billion more goods to Americans than it bought from them.

China begins fingerprinting all foreign visitors. The country’s Ministry of Public Security is starting the protocol in Shenzhen, and will eventually expand it to all entry and exit points. The practice is in line with border protocols in the US and Japan.

Australia braces for blackouts. A heatwave that will bring temperatures of 40°C (104°F) to South Australia and New South Wales could lead to demand spikes and electricity shortfalls. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says an “ideological” shift toward renewable energy has hurt reliability.


A US appeals court denied Trump’s bid to lift a travel-ban freeze. A three-judge panel ruled unanimously that the ban violates the due process rights of people affected without a sufficient national-security justification. The case could wind up in the Supreme Court within days. Trump had issued an executive order to ban travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations, as well as refugees.

Trump reportedly dissed a nuclear treaty with Russia. Reuters, citing three sources with knowledge of a phone call between Trump and Vladimir Putin, said the US president denounced the Obama-era New Start treaty limiting nuclear weapons deployment. Arms control experts were aghast at Trump’s apparent unfamiliarity with the milestone accord.

Trump backed the “One China” policy in a call with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Last month he caused alarm in Beijing bysuggesting the policy—long recognized by the US—was up for negotiation. According to the White House the two leaders had a long conversation and extended invitations to meet in their respective countries. The gestures were long overdue.

A judge ordered the arrest of Peru’s former president.Alejandro Toledo is accused of awarding contracts to Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht in exchange for $20 million. As part of a plea deal with the US Justice Department, Odebrecht has admitted to paying nearly $800 million in bribes to governments across Latin America. Toledo governed from 2001 to 2006 and now lives in the US.


Dan Kopf on why schools should nag parents: “Multiple experiments have found that one of the best ways to improve kid’s performance is to badger parents with information about the truth… When parents are consistently informed about what’s actually happening at school, research shows their kids’ grades improve dramatically.” Read more here.


Like slavering dogs
Investors will buy after
Each loose utterance


Snapchat must heed Twitter’s missteps. Stagnant user growth and ongoing losses show exactly what Snap shouldn’t do after its IPO.

“Fake news” has become a meaningless phrase. It has been hijacked to mean any news that a politician doesn’t like.

Chronically late people share one positive trait. Tardiness is the optimistic belief that you can do more than is humanly possible.


NASA built a computer chip capable of surviving on Venus.The silicon carbide chip can withstand temperatures of over 752°F(400°C).

Ultrasound is a shortcut to well-aged liquor. The sonic frequencies hasten the release of the compounds that give brandy its distinct flavor.

Scientists have mapped the quinoa genome. Unlocking the superfood’s genetic code could make it as affordable as wheat.

Researchers think some Dead Sea scrolls were stolen from a cave. Nearly 1,000 have been found at 11 sites, but a 12th location in the West Bank may have been looted.

The former Obama White House photographer is trolling on Instagram. Pete Souza has been posting photos of the former president that slyly criticize Donald Trump’s policies.

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