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Theresa May faces more Brexit questions. The British prime minister will appear before the House of Commons to discuss the UK’s relationship with the EU. In a statement on Monday, Maydeclined to rule out paying the EU for single-market access and reaffirmed plans to trigger Brexit by the end of March.

The blasphemy trial of Jakarta’s governor recommences. The trial will decide whether Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian of Chinese descent, is guilty of insulting Islam by misusing a verse from the Koran. Purnama is the first non-Muslim governor of Indonesia’s capital in half a century.

Carnival announces its first earnings after its pollution debacle. After paying a $40 million fine for dumping oily “bilge water” into the ocean and pleading guilty to seven felony charges, the cruise provider reports to investors. Fedex, General Mills, and Nike will also file earnings.


The Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated. Andrei Karlov died after he was shot at an art exhibit in Ankara by a gunmanshouting “Don’t forget Aleppo!” Russia’s foreign ministry characterized the shooting as a terrorist attack.

At least 12 people died when a truck crashed into a Christmas market in Berlin. Police have apprehended a suspect in what isbelieved to be a deliberate attack. The incident, which took place in one of Berlin’s busiest shopping areas, recalls the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France this year.

A man opened fire on a mosque in Zurich. The attack injured three men, and police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

Donald Trump clinched the US Electoral College. The 538 members of the US Electoral College gathered to officially elect the country’s next president and vice president. Despite a few “faithless electors,” Trump secured 304 electoral votes, well above the 270 required to win.

Uber’s third-quarter financials leaked. The ride-hailing firm lost $800 million despite generating a net revenue of $1.7 billion. The numbers reflect slowing but still intense cash burning, which could dampen prospects for an IPO.

Searchers said they’ve been looking in the wrong place for the missing MH370 aircraft. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released a report saying it hasn’t found the airplane in a 120,000-square-kilometer area of the Indian Ocean. The agency recommends expanding the search to another part of the ocean, but if that fails, it’s not clear where else it can look.


Marc Bain with the procrastinator’s guide to holiday shopping.Everyone is searching for presents they can wrap and put under the tree, but those aren’t always the best gifts. Research shows that spending money on experiences rather than things often yields greater satisfaction.” Read more here.


Trump’s China policy is a throwback to the Cold War. His comments and the background of his advisors suggest he sees geopolitics as a zero-sum game.

Liberal celebrities are hurting the cause. Celebrity endorsements perpetuate the idea that Democrats are elitist and unaware of what middle America wants.

Technology destroys our relationship with the natural world.Staying glued to a screen makes us antisocial, and keeps environmental problems out of sight and out of mind.


A garment made for astronauts is saving new mothers in developing countries. The LifeWrap can help treat postpartum hemorrhage, cutting maternal mortality by 50%.

Mark Zuckerberg made his own version of Amazon’s Alexa. Henamed it Jarvis—just like Tony Stark’s virtual assistant in the Ironmanmovies.

Pakistan International Airlines sacrificed a goat to keep a flight safe. It was the first ATR-42 aircraft put into service since 48 people were killed in a PIA crash on Dec. 7.

Bill Gates is the MVP of Reddit’s secret Santa gift exchange.For the past four years, the world’s richest man has sent strangers thoughtful and personalized presents.

Lawmakers have been bringing dogs to the US Capitol since the 1800s. They make for loving and loyal companions in an otherwise tense atmosphere.

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