#China woos the #Philippines, #Trump appoints two women, cranberries’ sour past

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China showcases investment opportunities in the Philippines.As part of the cozy new relationship between Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte and Beijing, the Bank of China is trying to matchmake investors with small Filipino businesses at a conference today. The bank has promised to become a “bridge between Chinese and Philippine trade and investments.”

The EU talks Turkey and Ukraine. In response to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s human rights crackdown, the European Parliament is expected to vote to freeze long-term plans for the country to join the European Union. EU leaders will also meet Ukraine’s president to discuss governance reforms, visa-free travel, and a stalled EU-Ukraine trade deal, in what is likely to be a morose summit.

ThyssenKrupp takes stock. The German manufacturing giant publishes its full-year results for 2016, which may contain clues for its year ahead. These include a potential merger with Tata’s European steel arm, which could save the latter from write-downs worth billions.


Japan is promoting unity at the 2020 Tokyo games. Koji Murofushi—4-time Olympic hammer-thrower and gold medalist—was appointed sports director in advance of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games. Murofushi is working toward inclusivity and integrity by employing socially conscious design at both event venues and the Olympic Village.


The Fed hinted further at a rate hike. The US Federal Reserve’s last pre-election monetary policy minutes showed many officials leaning toward an interest rate increase “relatively soon.” Much of the market has already priced in a hike for the not-too-distant future, so US traders can enjoy their Thanksgiving break.

Trump named two female administration members. Thepresident-elect nominated South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for UN ambassador and billionaire Betsy DeVos for education secretary. Haley is much admired in the GOP but has little experience outside her home state, let alone internationally. Meanwhile DeVos, a fierce advocate of parental choice in education, is expected to push fordecentralizing government control of the sector.

Mexico’s Jose Cuervo postponed its IPO. The world’s biggest tequila producer has reportedly pushed back plans for a potential $1 billion IPO, as Trump’s ascendancy has wreaked havoc on Mexican stocks. The company plans to reassess in January, after Trump’s inauguration.

Skyscanner got bought. Chinese travel booking site CTrip purchased its Scotland-based counterpart for $1.74 billion. CTrip already dominates the domestic Chinese market through ownership stakes in its rivals, and its latest purchase gives it a stronger presence overseas.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua braced for Hurricane Otto. Costa Rica declared a national emergency, and both countries have called to evacuate thousands as the Category 1 storm traverses Central America. It has killed at least three people in Panama.


Lily Kuo on life aboard the Chinese fishing boats dominating West Africa’s seas. “China is now the largest fishing power in West Africa, home to more than 500 Chinese industrial fishing fleets in seas once dominated by Russian and European operations, according to Greenpeace. Environmentalists say the waters can’t support this level of fishing for long, and that local fishermen will eventually be left with nothing to catch.” Read more here.


Apple has turned its back on software professionals. The new MacBook Pro’s features fail to deliver on the flexibility, power, and battery life needs of designers.

Makeup doesn’t need to be moralized. A “serious intellectual person” can care about his or her appearance, argues writer and Boots beauty ambassador Chimamanda Ngoczi Adichie.

Our slavish devotion to clocks is hurting us. Using nighttime as a resource might help us deal with time more effectively.


Michael Flynn broke “rules he thought were stupid” in the Pentagon. His transgressions reportedly include installing a private internet connection in his office, in spite of a ban.

Fake news writers are going after Elon Musk. With presidential nominee Hillary Clinton out of the way, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is being targeted by attackers who fear he might go into politics.

Cranberry sauce has a dark past. Many farmers believe there’s no viable way to organically farm the popular Thanksgiving fruit.

Scientists don’t improve with age. They’re as productive and influential at the start of their careers as they’ll ever get, according to new research.

Domino’s is pondering reindeer pizza delivery in Japan. Winter temperatures in its northernmost island, Hokkaido, could make delivery by humans—and even drones—impossible.

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