Doping scandal, #Kanye’s flameout, octopus invasion

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India’s demonetization backlash. The Delhi High Court is hearing a plea that would block the government’s plan to discontinue high-denomination banknotes. The complaint also seeks to remove newly issued Rs2,000 notes, calling them “unconstitutional and bad in law.”

The European Parliament debates EU relations with Turkey.Foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini and others will consider whether to stop accession talks in light of the deteriorating rule-of-law and human rights situation in Turkey, which has tried for decades to join the bloc. Turkey recently overtook China as the world’s biggest jailer of journalists.

French-speaking nations hold a summit. Lasting about a week, the biennial meeting of the International Organization of the Francophonie promotes peace, democracy, human rights—and the French language.


The Olympics doping scandal got much, much worse. More than 75 athletes from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games—most of them from Russia and Eastern Europe—were found retroactively guilty of doping violations. At least 40 athletes will be stripped of their medals based on urine samples that were retested with new technology.

Facebook’s experimental internet drone crashed. The Aquila flying wing suffered structural damage during a June test flight, in an incident that was newly revealed by US transportation regulators. The mishap is a setback for the company’s plan to beam internet connectivity to far-flung regions of the world.

Kanye West cancelled his tour after a rant about Trump, Clinton, Beyoncé, and Mark Zuckerberg. The rap star cut short a show in California on Saturday and went on a lengthy diatribe, angering fans. On Monday, his tour company announced that more than 20 concert dates would be scrapped, foregoing ticket revenue of about $30 million.

An earthquake struck Japan near Fukushima. Thousands were asked to evacuate the area, and tsunami advisories were issued. Those were later lifted, however, and minimal damage was reported. In 2011 an earthquake and tsunami struck the area, killing 18,000 people.


Tim Fernholz on Trump and the future of space exploration:“What will happen to those efforts under a Donald Trump presidency? One thing seems likely: Set aside Mars. Private companies are going to get a chance to do business on the moon.”Read more here.


Three new stock records:
Invest in footwear, before
The other shoe drops.


Vladimir Putin may get more than he bargained for with Trump.Buddying up with the new US president would deprive Putin of his biggest antagonist.

“Free shipping” isn’t free. It’s a loss-leader for Amazon, and adeath knell for small businesses.

The fight-or-flight response can be used to change the world.Our brains want us to keep calm, but action requires anger.


There’s a spy’s guide to Pokemon Go. Canadian spooks havenew rules to avoid compromising national security.

Cybercriminals are making ATMs spew out all their cash.Accomplices wait at the machines to collect the loot (paywall).

A pet monkey sparked at least 16 murders in Libya last week. Itforcibly removed a schoolgirl’s headscarf, prompting men from her tribe to retaliate.

New Zealand is asking residents to check their mailboxes for drugs. Dealers have been getting deliveries at unoccupied holiday homes.

Miami is bracing for an onslaught of dead octopuses. Climate change is causing higher tides, depositing the sea creatures all over the city.

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