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Tesla reveals a mystery product. There is speculation that Elon Musk will unveil a new car or an update to its “autopilot” software. The announcement was postponed from Monday because the product needed “a few more days of refinement.”

Super Typhoon Haima hits northern Luzon island in the Philippines. The monster storm comes days after Typhoon Sarika, so there’s a higher likelihood of flash floods and deadly landslides due to saturated soil. The nation’s weather agency is comparing its potential impact to that of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which killed 6,000-plus in 2013.

American Express reports on its third quarter. The credit card issuer is expected to post (pdf) its smallest quarterly revenue in more than five years thanks to its fallout with retailer Costco, whichswitched to Visa for lower fees. Investors will want to know how it intends make up for the loss.


China released its third-quarter report card. With a property boom and higher government spending offsetting weak exports,GDP rose 6.7% from a year ago. That matched expectations and suggested stable economic growth. Growth could take a hit, though, as cities restrict home sales to cool the overheating property market.

Leonardo DiCaprio is cooperating with a massive Malaysian corruption probe. The actor has been in contact with US prosecutors over allegations that embezzled government funds were used to make The Wolf of Wall Street. Protesters recently demanded that DiCaprio explain his dealings with the 1MDB fund or relinquish his position as a UN climate ambassador.

A bloody campaign to retake Mosul inched forward. Kurdish forces advanced toward the ISIL-held city (paywall), but faced numerous suicide car bombs and human shields deployed by the extremist group. Meanwhile, the EU security chief warned of an influx of ISIL fighters into Europe if the group is evicted from Mosul.

Obama told Trump to stop whining. At a press conference, the US president said the Republican candidate’s inflammatory complaints about the election being rigged were baseless. Obama said Trump should instead “go try to make his case to get votes.”


Like a cormorant
Chasing bluegill, Goldman Sachs
Isn’t down for long.


Josh Horwitz on the Shenzhen factories that copy products before they even exist. “Sherman had become a victim of China’s lightning-fast copycats. Before he had even found a factory to make his new product, manufacturers in China had spied his idea online, and beaten him to the punch. When his Kickstarter backers caught on, they were furious: ‘You are charging double the price for what the copycats are charging, yet I seriously doubt the final product will be any better than the copycats.’” Read more here.


Retirees are suffering from divorce remorse. Formerly married people—especially women—have to work beyond retirement age, have less money, and own fewer assets.

Grief could bring hope for Thailand. The death of King Bhumibol is an opportunity for democracy amidst military rule (paywall).

Nigeria has missed its chance for change. Protectionist policies and dependence on oil have crippled the economy (paywall), and the rule of law is increasingly illusory.


Australians are feuding over expensive avocado toast. It’s agenerational flashpoint in the debate over an overheated housing market.

A Pakistani street vendor became an internet sensation. A passing photographer took a few shots of the handsome tea seller, whose looks have earned him widespread admiration and a modeling gig.

A diplomat has become a reality TV star in Denmark. The drama-free series “I Am the Ambassador from America” (paywall) is an unlikely hit.

Italy is running out of exorcists. Young priests find the job too scary, leaving 79-year-old Fr Vincenzo Taraborelli to expel up to 30 demons a day.

Disney is suing a Jedi lightsaber academy. The company’s Lucasfilm film division says the “New York Jedi and Lightsaber Academy” infringes on its copyrights.

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