#Apple’s big day, #Zika tears, the perfect meme

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The Paralympics begin. Only 12% of tickets have been sold to the sporting events in Rio, which feature thousands of athletes from 161 countries. As a result, the games are facing major budget cuts affecting everything from venues to staffing.

Apple will launch the iPhone 7. The tech behemoth’s new,headphone jack-less iPhones are likely to attract the most attention at its keynote event. Apple Music is also getting a facelift, including the introduction of personalized playlists.

The South African president visits China. Jacob Zuma will use the second Investing in Africa Forum, launched by the China Development Bank, to promote his country as a stable democracy and an attractive place for investors.


The Syrian government dropped chlorine gas in Aleppo.Activists and rescue workers allege that government airplanesdropped chlorine bombs in parts of the city controlled by rebels. A report sent to journalists via SMS said that at least 71 people were treated for breathing difficulties and dry cough, and that their clothes smelled of the gas.

The UN condemned North Korea’s missile launch. Days after the Kim regime fired three ballistic missiles that landed near the coast of Japan, the UN Security Council threatened “further significant measures” if the country did not cease developing its nuclear program. Obama also denounced the launch, adding that he and the UN would “close loopholes” to make existing sanctions tighter.

Corsica upheld its Burkini ban. A judge at a local court in the French island said the beachside garment worn by Muslims “could cause risks to public order which it is the town hall’s duty to prevent.” The decision flouts a Friday court ruling from France’s highest court that called such bans unconstitutional.

Bill Cosby was assigned a trial date. The comedian, accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women over the course of his career, is scheduled to face prosecutors over the alleged rape of a Pennsylvania woman on June 5, 2017. Prosecutors are hoping the judge will allow more than a dozen other accusers to testify.


Formula E is about speed– and efficiency. HPE software synthesizes multiple inputs at once, allowing drivers to decide when to use their battery to speed up and when to brake, creating resistance that charges the battery.Advertisement


Summer is now over
It’s time to pay attention
To anxious markets


Katherine Ellen Foley on the case against protein powder.“When we distill protein—or any technically good nutrient—we lose out on so much more. As science writer Michael Pollan pointed out in his book In Defense of Food, often when we think about nutrition, we forget that we’re actually talking about food. What we eat has become so processed to concentrate things like protein and minimize things like fat, that in many cases we’re left with ‘edible foodlike substances’—not food.” Read more here.


Government officials’ emails should stay private. Public officials need to be able to communicate with each other openly and honestly about pressing issues.

It’s time for the headphone jack to die. Apple is making dumb technology smart by replacing it with Bluetooth and the Lightning cable.

Harambe is the perfect meme. The image of the 17-year-old gorilla who was shot by a Cincinnati Zoo worker went viral because it was inherently meaningless, so it could be imbued with whatever message we wanted.


Nearly half of all refugees are children. Most come from just two countries.

Zika can live in our tears. Scientists detected the live virus in the eyes of infected rats.

Native English speakers use a particular order with their adjectives. They instinctively describe things in the order of opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, and purpose.

The giant panda is no longer endangered. Its on the upswingthanks to the Chinese government’s reforestation and forest protection efforts.

An Alabama library wants to send bad borrowers to jail. Patrons with overdue books could find themselves behind bars if the library succeeds in enforcing a strict new policy.

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