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Russia and Japan hold peace treaty talks. In Moscow diplomats from both countries will enter the third round of talks on their bilateral peace treaty, and plan to discuss four disputed islands off Hokkaido that are currently controlled by Russia. A treaty would formally resolve lingering World War 2 hostilities between the nations.

Japan hosts a conference on African development.Infrastructure projects will be the focal point of the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development, taking place this weekend in Nairobi. With China’s growing influence on the continent, Tokyo wants to make its presence felt.

Janet Yellen gives a highly anticipated speech. Investors will be scouring Yellen’s remarks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday for clues about a possible rate hike in September. A Federal Reserve official said a rate hike could come in the “not too distant future.” Emerging markets have bounced back in anticipation.


Volkswagen said it will compensate US dealers. The German carmaker announced a tentative settlement that requires it to pay out more than $1.2 billion to 650 American dealers for losses incurred over the company’s diesel emissions scandal.

Al-Shabab gunmen attacked a beach restaurant in Mogadishu.At least six people died in the attack, the latest in a series by the al-Qaeda-linked group, which aims to topple Somalia’s Western-backed government. In January the group killed 17 people at a restaurant on the capital’s Lido beach.

The vice chairman of Lotte Group was found dead hours before questioning by prosecutors. Lee In-won appeared to have hung himself from a tree using his necktie. He was a key leader in the South Korean conglomerate, which has been hit hard by concerns surrounding a criminal probe.

Apple boosted security on iPhones and iPads. After a renowned United Arab Emirates dissident’s phone was attacked using a new hacking technique, the company released an update to guard against such efforts. Earlier this month, Apple fixed a separate bug that allowed someone to take control of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch remotely.

Singapore’s air quality reached unhealthy levels due to haze from Indonesian land-clearing fires. Last year the annual fires conspired with dry El Nino conditions to create record levels of pollution in the city-state. Indonesia has made some progress in reducing the number of fires this dry season, but nevertheless Singapore is once again covered by a thick layer of smoke.


Blue skies, mountain air
It’s a fine time to ponder
Inflation targets


Leslie Josephs on the tricks travel websites use to make you spend more. “Hotel rates aren’t increasing much and airfares have dropped, so the competition is on for traveler dollars. Your favorite aggregators and travel sites are trying out lots of small tweaks to make you take out your credit card and actually buy something.”Read more here.


Eating three meals a day is silly. Traditional mealtimes have little do with with your actual metabolic needs, and might actually bemaking you sick.

It’s time to stop describing books as “trashy.” Women shouldn’t have to apologize for enjoying something lowbrow—men certainly don’t.

The US needs a memorial for lynching victims. The country would benefit from an honest and lasting acknowledgment of what Americans have done to other Americans.


People prefer food that reflects their values. Our brains are wired to make us think humanely raised meat tastes better.

Smashing printers is all the rage. Inspired by the 1999 film Office Space, companies are offering employees the chance to take a bat to their printer as a team-building exercise (paywall).

It can take 12 years for endangered species to be listed for protection. Some 42 species went extinct between 1973 and 1995 due to delays in the listing process.

Indians are no longer the UK’s largest immigrant group. Poleshave replaced them as the biggest group of foreign-born UK residents for the first time since officials started counting in 2000.

Climate change has it in for monarch butterflies. Severe storms are destroying the Mexican forests where they hibernate.

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