Feuding Democrats, Japan mass stabbing, cockroach milk

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John Kerry meets with Rodrigo Duterte. The US secretary of state is visiting the Philippines for two days for talks with the controversial Filipino president, focused on the dispute between China and its neighbors over South China Sea claims. Duterte has long been suspicious of the US over an explosion in Davao City when he was mayor there in 2002.

Policymakers at the US Federal Reserve discuss interest rates.The Federal Open Market Committee begins its two-day gathering. With strong employment data, more members will argue for a rate increase hike this year. Others will urge a more cautious approach and warn against stoking rate hike expectations.

Apple tries to beat very low expectations. Analysts are feeling quite gloomy about the tech giant, which is expected to post a 15% decline in revenue from a year ago as iPhone sales dip and business in China slows. Twitter also reports earnings, and indications are pointing to yet another weak quarter.


The Democratic National Convention opened in Philadelphia.In support of Hillary Clinton, senator Elizabeth Warren accused Donald Trump of trying to divide people with hate and fear. Bernie Sanders urged his supporters—many angry after leaked emails suggested the party undermined him—to unite behind Clinton. Michelle Obama said Clinton would create a better future for America’s children.

Solar Impulse 2 completed its journey around the world. The Swiss-engineered aircraft landed back at the starting point, Abu Dhabi. It has traveled some 40,000 km (25,000 m) powered by 17,000-plus solar cells in the day and lithium polymer batteries at night since it took off in March 2015. “The future is clean,” said pilot Bertrand Piccard after landing. “Let’s take it further.”

Nineteen people were killed in a horrific mass stabbing in Japan. Police say dozens were also injured in the attack, which occurred at a facility for disabled people in the city of Sagamihara. The attacker reportedly said he wanted people with disabilities to disappear. Officials ruled out a link to terrorism.

South Sudan president Salva Kiir found a new first vice president. Former peace negotiator Taban Deng Gai replaces former rebel Riek Machar, a fierce rival of the president who acquired his post as part of a peace deal. Supporters of the two men clashed a few weeks ago, leaving hundreds dead and threatening to revive a civil war.


There’s just too much oil
It’s piling up everywhere
And that’s why it’s cheap


Devjyot Ghoshal on the pregnant women dying in India’s tea plantations: “Assam teas are also supplied to makers of major global brands such as Liptons, Twinings and Tetley… Yet Assam’s prized tea industry has turned into a veritable death trap for thousands of expectant mothers. Most of them belong to tribal communities that were brought to work in the tea gardens over a century ago.” Read more here.


Yahoo is a cautionary tale about waiting too long to sell. The company turned down a $45 billion Microsoft offer, then sold its operational business for a mere $4.8 billion.

Counterpoint: Yahoo shareholders actually got a pretty good deal. Marissa Mayer couldn’t turn around a dying business, but in the end it was worth far more than zero.

“Hustle stats” at work would recognize the contributions of women. Simply “leaning in” isn’t for everyone.


Boeing thinks airlines will need 30,000 new pilots a year. Asia in particular is expected to drive global demand.

All life can be traced back to one single-cell bacterium. LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestor) lived in deep sea vents(paywall) four billion years ago.

Kids are accidentally ingesting marijuana in Colorado. Calls to the regional poison center were up over 500% from 2009.

Human breast milk isn’t just for humans… Moms create complex sugars solely to feed bacteria in the baby’s microbiome.

…And cockroach milk could be the next superfood. One breed produces a protein-rich “nourishing secretion” that could besynthesized for humans.

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