#G20 tackles #Brexit, #Trump’s dark #America, crow detectives

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The G20 tackles Brexit. Starting Saturday, finance ministers and central bankers will convene for two days in Chengdu, China, where they will also discuss China’s weakening currency. In Berlin last week, US treasury secretary Jacob Lew said that the group representing large economies will “consult closely with one another on exchange rate policy.”

Russia could be ousted from the 2016 Olympics. The International Olympic Committee is expected to make a decision on Sunday about whether to ban all of the country’s athletes amid mounting evidence of a state-sponsored doping scheme.

The world’s largest airline reports earnings. Investors will want to know (pdf) what American Airlines is doing to increase revenue amid high industry capacity, and how it thinks Brexit will affect its lucrative London routes. General Electric will also share its quarterly results.


Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech. The presidential nominee described the US as being afflicted by crime and violence—backing his view with distorted statistics—and offered himself as the leader who could quickly fix the problem. Seeming no less brash and boastful than in the primary, he railed againstimmigrants, trade agreements, and the “bad instincts” of Hillary Clinton.

JP Morgan neared a deal on its Asian hiring scandal. The bank is expected to pay out about $200 million to settle claims that it illegally gave jobs to the sons and daughters of powerful Chinese officials, according to the Wall Street Journal (paywall). The bank will probably admit to violating US bribery laws but avoid criminal prosecution.

Facebook revealed the maiden flight of its vaguely terrifying internet drone. The solar-powered, carbon-fiber plane with a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 737’s took flight for about 90 minutes at a test facility in Arizona. Facebook hopes to use it to beam down internet access to remote areas, eventually staying aloft for months at a time.

Pokemon Go went live in Japan. Nintendo finally released its chart-topping smartphone game in its home market, weeks after it made its debut overseas. The game has added as much as $20 billion to the company’s market value, and it’s also boosted shares of McDonald’s Japan, an exclusive partner for the app.


How can industry better prepare for the unexpected? By harnessing constant flows of data, machines, and analytics, GE istaking industry into a new digital age. That digital transformation is helping to make transportation, energy, and healthcare more efficient and better prepared for what’s to come, whatever it may be.Advertisement


Stocks have slipped a bit
But they’re just off record highs
And they sure ain’t cheap


Gwynn Guilford on Trump’s mythical vision of a dark America.“It seemed safe to hope that now was the time for Teleprompter Trump to shine. But, nope. It’s clear tonight that Rally Trump can read just fine from a teleprompter and still double down on fear-mongering and race-baiting, on whipping up white angst… America’s challenges painted in Cleveland here tonight are still plot arcs from Rally Trump’s cartoon cosmos.” Read more here.


Hillary Clinton is now running against Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump’s geopolitical proclivities are perfectly in line with the authoritarian Russian leader’s.

Plagiarism should be decriminalized. The careful repurposing of words that are not your own can be a satisfying and valid creative act.

Fox News has a big problem, and Roger Ailes isn’t it. The network’s future is in peril because its median viewer is 68 years old.


The last videocassette machine will be produced this month.Its Japanese manufacturer once sold 15 million a year, but that era is long over.

The US political divide extends to TV shows. Democrats loveGame of Thrones, but it isn’t even in the Republican top 10.

Social media is making young men feel insecure about their jawlines. Plastic surgeons are performing a record number of chin implants.

When a crow dies, other crows investigate. Call it crowminal justice (or maybe “Caw and Order”).

Someone could hack your iPhone by sending you a text.Update your Apple devices now.

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