South China Sea ships, Pokemon’s Holocaust botch, cooing dinosaurs

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The UK gets a new prime minister. David Cameron will submit his resignation to the Queen and move out of 10 Downing Street to make room for Theresa May. She is building her cabinet and has vowed to carry out Britain’s exit from the EU.

Yum Brands tries to heat up lukewarm results. The owner of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell reports earnings after US markets close. The company struggling with intense global competition as itprepares to spin off its Asian operations later this year.

Japan gets even gloomier about the economy. President Shinzo Abe’s government is planning to cut its inflation forecasts to 1.4% for the year, well below its 2% target, Reuters reports. That could raise the likelihood of expanded stimulus efforts by the Bank of Japan.


Liquidity means opportunity. Read about how customers are leveraging Nasdaq’s vast array of financial products and services to help them prepare for pivotal moments in global markets.


Taiwan sent a warship to the South China Sea. President Tsai-Ing Wen’s administration disagreed with an international tribunal’s ruling, and sent a ship to the island of Itu Aba, which it occupies.

Airbus slashed its A380 delivery target. The aerospace giant only expects to deliver 12 planes in 2018—half of this year’s total—due to a glut of unsold planes. Airlines have largely opted for smaller, more efficient two-engine planes, putting the future of the super-jumbo A380 in doubt.

Obama attended a memorial for shooting victims in Dallas. As part of an interfaith ceremony in memory of the five police officers that were killed by a sniper, the US President once again lamented the frequency of such incidents in America. “I have spoken at too many memorials in the course of this presidency,” he said.

Holocaust memorials opted out of Pokemon frenzy. The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Auschwitz Memorial Museum in Poland asked the makers of Pokemon Go toremove the sites as in-game destinations, arguing their inclusion was a “cheapening of history.”


The Fed wants to run
The economy hot, and
Markets have noticed.


Alison Griswold on why hotels should really start worrying about Airbnb: “People who booked on Airbnb, the argument went, were casual vacationers… But partnerships with AmEX GBT, BCD Travel, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel show that Airbnb for Business, if still young, is on its way to being taken seriously by the corporate community.” Read more here.


Truth doesn’t matter anymore. In the digital age, opinions and rumors are just as important.

Your personal chatbot is actually a human. Low-paid workers, not AIs, are powering popular services from Facebook and other companies.

What’s up with the rise of female politicians? One theory: They tend to be non-ideological, compromise-oriented leaders.


The Faroe Islands are using “SheepView” for mapping. Theystrapped cameras and GPS sensors to their plentiful livestock.

College-educated mobsters make more money. When wiseguys become even wiser.

Chemists accidentally created a brilliant new color. YInMN, a unique shade of blue, will be sold as paint this month.

Saudi Arabia is opening a winter amusement park. The “snow city” will feature a ski hill, snowmobile area, and “ice bumper cars” in the scorching desert kingdom.

Dinosaurs probably didn’t roar—they cooed. Fossils of their vocal organs resemble those of birds.

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