Apple and the GOP, strawberry moon, floating Teslas

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EU foreign ministers meet in Luxembourg. They’re expected to approve an expansion of the EU naval operation in the southern Mediterranean to counter people-smuggling gangs. Operation Sophia would be broadened to include coastguard training for Libya, to reduce crossings from that nation’s coast to Europe.

Gun control takes to the Senate floor. The US Senate will vote on four gun-related measures, including one asking that anyone on a terrorist watch list be blocked from buying a firearm. The proposals are all viewed as doomed, but making it this far suggests America’s attitude toward guns may be shifting.

Facebook faces its investors. At its annual meeting, shareholders will vote on the social network’s proposal to issue a new non-voting share class, a move that would further cement CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s control. You can watch the webcast starting at 11am PST.

A special summer solstice. Today is the longest day of the year—and in a rare coincidence, it also features a strawberry moon. The two haven’t come together in decades. For those without a clear view, the phenomenon can be observed via an online livestream.


Egypt sentenced two Al Jazeera journalists to death. An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced six people, including two employees of the news network, to death for allegedly leaking state secrets to Qatar.

Apple pulled out of the Republican National Convention. The tech giant, which has provided funding for Republican presidential conventions in the past, won’t be supporting this year’s event, which takes place in Ohio in July. Why? It’s uncomfortable with Donald Trump and his political views, sources say.

Donald Trump endorsed racial profiling. Speaking of the controversy-stirring presidential candidate, Trump told CBS on Sunday that the US should consider having more racial profiling in law enforcement. “We have to start using common sense,” he said, adding that Muslims and mosques should be kept on close watch.

Canada made assisted suicide legal. The Canadian parliament passed legislation in favor of physician-assisted suicide, making the nation one of the few in the world that allows terminally ill patients to request a doctor’s help in dying. The law applies only to Canadians and permanent residents so as to prevent suicide tourism.

Jo Cox’s suspected murderer appeared in court. The man accused of murdering British lawmaker Jo Cox last week made only one comment in his court appearance Saturday. When asked to give his name, 52-year-old Thomas Mair declared: “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. Led by LeBron James, the team beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7, making an unprecedented comeback after being down three games to one in the best-of-seven series. It’s the first professional sports championship for the city of Cleveland in 52 years.


Jenny Anderson on the summer jobs teens should get: “Not an internship at their uncle’s architecture firm, or a glorified filing job at their neighbor’s investment bank: jobs like scooping ice cream or flipping burgers, where no kid is too special, they actually earn money, and they get to see life through a radically different lens.”Read more here.


Monday’s England-Slovakia soccer match could influence the Brexit vote. If past evidence is anything to go by.

E. Coli makes scientific experiments take too long. A groupwants to replace it with the world’s fastest-growing bacterium.

Computer science grads are making a mistake. Y Combinator’s Paul Graham says they should join the next Google, not Google itself.


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The Tesla Model S can serve as a boat for short periods. Elon Musk says it’s definitely not recommended, though.

Underground caverns may link the US and Mexico. Eyeless Mexican catfish were discovered inside a Texas cave.

NASA is using satellites to get better emissions data. The world’s self-reporting standard is notoriously unreliable.

People don’t read the articles they share on social media.About 60% of the links passed along have never been clicked.

An ancient city was found in the Cambodian jungle. Scanning technology found dozens of sites previously invisible to archaeologists.

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