G7’s Brexit warning, Google beats Oracle, eco-friendly jackals

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SpaceX attempts another complicated rocket landing. Elon Musk’s company will deliver a communications satellite to geosynchronous orbit and then try to land the rocket “fast and hot” on a barge ship in the ocean. Significantly, it would be the second such landing in a month.

Barack Obama heads to Hiroshima. After the G7 summit, the US president will visit a peace memorial with prime minister Shinzo Abe. He will be the first serving president to visit the city where the US dropped an atomic bomb in 1945.

Iran’s new parliament is sworn in on Saturday. Reform-minded legislators will dominate, and women will outnumber clerics for the first time. The body, known as the Islamic Consultative Assembly, is expected to support president Hassan Rouhani and the nuclear deal that ended Western sanctions.


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G7 leaders warned against a Brexit. The UK leaving the European Union would “reverse the trend towards greater global trade and investment,” they said in a joint declaration. Having convened this week in Japan, they also expressed concerns about terrorism, the refugee crisis, and geopolitical conflicts.

Google won a $9 billion court case against Oracle. A jury ruled that Android smartphone software does not infringe on Oracle’s copyrights, in a case with far-reaching implications for the tech industry. Oracle is likely to appeal.

Investigators made a breakthrough in the search for EgyptAir 804. The plane’s emergency beacon was picked up by a satellite, narrowing the area that search teams were combing over for the missing plane to a three-mile radius.

China reported slowing profit growth in its industrial sector.Year-on-year growth was 4.2% in April compared to 11.1% in March, among large firms. That was in line with other April data suggesting the economy might be losing steam again, after picking up earlier in the year.

Student demonstrators clashed with police in Santiago.Thousands of protestors gathered in the Chilean capital demanding free university education. Security forces tried to stop them from walking along Santiago’s main artery, and deployed tear gas and water cannons.


Sales at dollar stores
Are starting to gain some steam
Good sign for wages


Steve LeVine on Elon Musk’s battery challenges. “Musk has made Tesla the nascent electric car industry’s pacemaker, striking terror in the hearts of his rivals through styling and technology, all while ignoring one of the biggest questions in the business: How do you invent a relatively cheap super-battery to propel an electric vehicle?” Read more here.


It’s OK to let babies cry themselves to sleep. Stop chastising moms who use the technique; it can actually reduce infant stress.

Want employees to be more productive? Steal their chairs. A study of call center workers found a 46% boost in performance with standing desks.

The US has a moral obligation to give Puerto Rico the vote.Residents of Washington, DC are also disenfranchised.


Half of the sexist remarks on Twitter come from women. Men aren’t the only ones capable of spewing misogyny.

Surfing star Kelly Slater has figured out how to make artificial waves. They could change the sport forever.

Keep this in mind the next time you eat at a Somali restaurant:The banana is definitely part of the meal.

Golden jackals are invading Europe… But researchers say they are performing a valuable service: eating the trash.

…And invasive lionfish are being sold at Whole Foods. Selling the species as food keeps it from overrunning local reefs.

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