Refugee report, Venezuela in crisis, toothy whales

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Literary titans go head to head. The winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize will be announced in London. Four countries—Turkey, Angola, Austria, and South Korea —arerepresented for the first time in the shortlist of six works of global fiction.

Europe contends with the refugee crisis. The European Commission will present its third report (paywall) on efforts to deal with the ongoing refugee and migration crisis on the continent. Last September, the commission pledged to resettle 120,000 people “in clear need of international protection.”

Investing heavyweights share their picks. William Ackman, Carl Icahn, and George Soros are among the hundreds of investors whowill disclose what US stocks they owned at the end of the first quarter in their 13F filings. The billionaires’ reports are closely watched for insights into investment trends and strategies.


Russia and Ukraine faced off in Eurovision. Europe’s tackiest music contest got underway on Saturday, complete with complicated political overtones. Ukraine’s entry, jazz singer Jamala, was crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Russian pop star Sergey Lazarev came in third place.

Boris Johnson drew parallels between the European Union and Hitler. The former mayor of London, a leading campaigner for Britain to leave the EU, compared the bloc to Hitler for aiming to unify the continent under one sole “authority.”

Nintendo confirmed its movie ambitions. The struggling video-game powerhouse said it plans to produce animated movies in the coming years, handling as much of the production work itself as possible. It did not specify which franchise characters the movies might involve.

Venezuela’s crisis deepened. After declaring a nationwide state of emergency on Friday, president Nicolás Maduro threatened to seizefactories that had ceased production and jail their owners. Meanwhile protesters have been pushing for a recall vote to remove Maduro from power.

Warren Buffett reportedly backed a bid for Yahoo. The Berkshire Hathaway chairman is backing an investment group for the struggling online brand’s core assets, according to Reuters. The group has reportedly made it to the second round of bidding.

New revelations on Donald Trump’s history with women emerged. Dozens of interviews with women who have worked with, dated, or otherwise known the Republican presidential frontrunner form a picture of “unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades,” according to the New York Times (paywall).


Heather Landy on why you shouldn’t feel guilty for putting your kids to bed late. “I would sometimes worry about whether nine hours was enough sleep for a kid whose classmates were regularly sleeping for 10-, 11- and even 12-hour stretches. Most days, however, our daughter didn’t seem much worse for the wear. And thankfully, our pediatrician reminded me of what most parents frequently forget: With kids, there is no normal. There are only averages.” Read more here.


Boycott Woody Allen’s latest film. His own children allege that Allen molested his daughter, while his films objectify women. Refusing to see his film is a small way to push back against the sexist film industry and society’s tendency to doubt victims.

Americans don’t appreciate how good they have it. In the United States, pollution, discrimination, and crime are down while living standards and education are up. But pessimism has become mainstream (paywall), hence the widespread gloomy outlook.

Age is becoming a greater liability in the workplace. Technology has undermined the value of experience. Female baby boomers in particular should expect to face even more age discrimination than previous generations.


Luminaries, leaders and Lion-winners: See Harvey Weinstein, Ban Ki-moon, Daniel Ek, Iggy Pop, Anna Wintour, Will Smith, Anthony Bourdain, Oliver Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Martin Sorrell, Brian Eno, Anderson Cooper, Sir Ken Robinson and more on stage at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 18 – 25 June, Cannes France.


There’s a perfume craze for “old book” smell. Bookworms can’t get enough of the distinctive scent, which develops as compounds in pages break down and evokes memories of reading beloved classics.

Customized lattes are a way to declare one’s individuality. The myriad of options at Starbucks and Burger King aren’t about choice,but allowing consumers to feel special.

A psychological program helps teens stop obsessing about being thin. The work relies on “cognitive dissonance” and effectively reduces body dissatisfaction and eating disorder symptoms.

Illegal marijuana dispensaries have become the norm in Toronto. Most have only appeared in the six months since Justin Trudeau, who supports the legalization of marijuana, was elected prime minister.

A beaked whale that washed ashore in Australia may be an evolutionary throwback. The rare deep sea whale bore vestigial fangs that have not previously been seen in its species.

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