Brussels attackers, illegal Chinese vaccines, legal opium

What to watch for today

Primaries in the western US states. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have already been declared the Republican and Democratic winners, respectively, in Arizona. Republican Ted Cruz has a big lead in Utah, while counting has not started in Idaho, where both parties are voting.

Barack Obama goes to Buenos Aires. The US president will meet with his Argentine counterpart, Mauricio Macri, who is trying to pass a series of market reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy. The visit is touted as an opportunity to repair a somewhat tense relationship.

The Philippines launches its first satellite. The Diwata-I will be carried by a Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station, and will eventually support disaster risk reduction and climate change studies. Separately, North America and Asia will witness a partial lunar eclipse, but don’t get too excited: It will only be visible as slight smudging of the moon.

While you were sleeping

Images of the suspected Brussels attackers surfaced. Belgium’s federal prosecutor identified three men—two dressed in all black, one wearing a hat and trenchcoat—in connection with the explosions at the Zavantem airport. Police have pinpointed the latter suspect as 24-year-old Najim Laachraoui and are currently searching for him.

Chinese authorities took action on a huge vaccine scandal. Policearrested 37 people as they investigate the sale of millions of unlicensed, unregulated vaccines to hospitals and other organizations since 2011. Three major pharmaceutical companies are being probed.

Obama told Cuba he wants to bury the Cold War hatchet. The US president said he would try to end the decades-old trade embargo, and that the US would not interfere in the country’s destiny. Then he caught a baseball game with Raul Castro and did the wave.

Turkey arrested a group of suspected ISIS members. Police captured 10 foreign nationals along the Syrian border, one wearing an explosive vest. It’s not clear if this group participated directly in the Istanbul attack on Saturday.

Russia sentenced a Ukrainian fighter pilot to 22 years in prison.Nadezhda Savchenko was convicted of “involvement” in the killing of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine. Her trial was criticized by the EU and Ukraine as a politically motivated farce.

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Quartz obsession interlude

Cassie Weber on the promise of ocean wave power. “Inventors have created all sorts of strange and wonderful devices to coax energy out of the water; and investors have poured millions of pounds into solving one of the most perplexing problems in energy production.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Silicon Valley’s confrontational management style started with Andy Grove. The late Intel executive’s motto was “Only the Paranoid Survive.”

Modern life is making kids unhappy. A focus on success leaves kidsunable to cope with stress later in life.

The Kamasutra was never meant to be a how-to guide. The historic Indian text includes “freeranging fantasies on a theme of sexual possibilities,” for inspiration only.

Surprising discoveries

Illegal immigrants are more likely to be to be working than American men. A study found 86.6% of illegal immigrants had work compared to 73.9% of native-born males.

Harvard is archiving the world’s rarest colors. Conservationists are cataloging colors like lapis lazuli and cadmium yellow.

A soccer player was busted for his Nutella addiction. Max Kruse was dropped from the German national team after a series of unfortunate events.

A Mexican governor wants to legalize opium. The move could reduce drug violence and empower his state’s farmers.

China is banning foreign-sounding apartment buildings. So long, “Beijing Yosemite.”

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